Emergency Numbers & Useful Links

    For after hours emergency repairs of common property we recommend the following trades and service providers. Please note that if you contact one of the trade and service providers and it is not an emergency, you may be held liable for payment of the account.





    Energy Australia - 13 13 88

    AGL - 13 19 09




    Natural Disaster Emergencies



    Sydney Water - 13 20 90

    State Emergency Services - 13 25 00
    (NSW SES) For emergency assistance in floods and storms

    Professional and Government Organisations

    Office of Fair Trading

    Office of Fair Trading - The Office of Fair Trading safeguards consumer’s rights and advises business and traders on fair and ethical practice




    Strata Community Australia

    Strata Community Australia (NSW) - Formerly known as the Institute of Strata Title Management. The leading professional body for the strata and community title sector in NSW.


    Real Estate Institute of NSW


    Real Estate Institute of NSW - Professional association for real estate agents and suppliers for NSW