Commercial Strata

    Commercial Strata Management has a few key distinctions to residential strata management. As such, the main focus in commercial management is based on peoples businesses rather than their homes.

    MaGrath Strata understands the importance of a well administered building and its direct impact on employees and new business opportunities. Having MaGrath as your commercial strata manager will give you the confidence to know that your business image and environment are kept immaculate and is managed by the most experienced and professional staff. They say "first impressions last" and with MaGrath Strata, you will always have peace of mind.

    If your commercial property is an investment, the overall neatness of your scheme may have a correlation to the class of tenants that you may attract and keep.

    MaGrath Strata is the right choice for all of your Commercial Strata Management requirements.
    If you are looking for a proficient Strata Manager who is experienced in all aspects of Commercial Management to lead your Executive Committee in the efficient running of the building and to meet their statutory obligations then Contact our expert development team at MaGrath Strata.