MaGrath Strata manages ensure that our clients and committees are constantly offered guidance and superior service in order to assist them in adhering and complying with the many requirements on strata and community title schemes imposed by legislation and by-laws.

    At MaGrath Strata, the utmost precautions are taken to guarantee there is no risk to the lives or assets of our strata or community title owners through non-compliance on any building aspect. As such, we engage the services of specialist professionals in some cases to ensure compliance is met on all grounds.
    Areas of compliance include:

    Safety: Occupational Health and Safety legislation requires that strata or community scheme common property is maintained to –

    • Ensure the common property is safe and without risk to the health of contractors and others who may use it.
    • Agree to undertake ongoing risk management assessment to identify and eliminate any such risks.
    • A safety audit can be arranged by your strata manager to identify any risks and assist in arranging for repairs to be carried out if necessary.

    • Fire: Each state maintains Environmental Planning and Assessment Acts, which require strata or community schemes to ensure essential fire safety measures are maintained in buildings.
      Fire safety inspections must be carried out and any non-compliance must be addressed and rectified. These could include items such as emergency lighting, sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, fire exits, smoke alarms, fire doors and fire hydrants. Smoke alarms must comply with Australian Standard AS 3786-1993 Smoke Alarms.

      : The Australian Standard AS2047 regulates the selection and installation of windows in buildings, and Australian Standard AS1288-2006 regulates glazing. Should glazing deteriorate beyond these standards, there is increased risk of breakage or fallout.

      An expert can examine glass and determine if replacement or repair is required to make a building safe, and your strata manager is able to recommend and arrange a glass audit with a reputable contractor.

      All owners and occupiers of a strata or community title schemes must comply with the relevant legislation. Breaches of compliance can result in fines, and more importantly invalidation of liability insurance for the strata scheme or community title scheme. MaGrath Strata offers a comprehensive compliance service to ensure peace of mind for all our client owners and property residents.