Development Consultancy

    Development Consultancy
    Commencement of planning through to property completion, our professional team offer expert property, administrative and financial consultation for the smooth set-up of new developments.
    Adept at optimising strata and community titled developments all along the eastern seaboard, MaGrath Strata can assist in delivering a seamless process through to settlement. Our portfolio incorporates resorts, mixed use, industrial, commercial and residential developments.

    The Early Advantage
    By addressing potential strata issues early in the construction process, we have found fewer subsequent issues arise between developer and buyers. The result of engaging MaGrath Strata throughout the development process is more harmonious communities, lower operational risk through compliance and greater asset maximisation.

    Community and Neighbourhood Titles

    MaGrath Strata provides operating solutions for managing assets now and into the future, in this era of developments growing in number and significance. Our trained staff understand the by-laws and legislation particular to this type of development, and offer consultative services in all aspects of planning, set-up and management.

    MaGrath Strata developer consultancy services include:


    • Project planning assistance at conception stage
    • Meaningful budgets for the first year
    • Insurance validation report coordination
    • Legislative advice on local by-laws
    • Disclosure statements
    • Call and convene inaugural General Meeting
    • Sinking fund forecast coordination
    • Advise on common property issues
    • Creation of owners corporation rules


    • Liaise with external suppliers and consultants
    • Establish books and records
    • Provision of relevant state-specific certificates required for sale
    • Energy consulting services


    • Ongoing building management maintenance services (via our subsidiary Paramount)
    • Ongoing high level strata management services

    For more information on our developer consultancy services please contact us.