Corporate Profile

    MaGrath Strata offers expert and professional management services to residential, commercial and industrial strata and community schemes. With industry leading professionals guiding your entire strata management needs coupled with our premium, personalised and friendly service, our clients receive a value for money package without compromising on our service quality.


    MaGrath Strata management capabilities extend to all classes of properties, from small home unit, villa, townhouse terrace schemes to high rise residential and commercial buildings, shopping centers, industrial complexes and hotels.

    At MaGrath Strata, every effort is made to ensure that a seamless strata management service is provided. As such we have implemented the most advanced electronic communication and record management systems available enabling our staff to quickly and efficiently identify and respond to client needs. As such, our clients are also able to conveniently access their strata or community scheme records at any time.

    To experience the MaGrath Strata difference, contact our staff and request a quote today.