Submission Request

    Switching Strata Management is Easy

    In three easy steps...

    MaGrath Strata recognises and understands the aspects to consider when changing your strata manager. As such, our experienced staff coupled with our personalised service will assist you along the process in order to minimise any strain or anxiety. At MaGrath Strata, we are committed to ensuring client satisfaction from the beginning of your strata management needs through till the end.

    Step 1

    If you have not already done so, then talk to us about your needs. We encourage a meeting in our office with you and the body corporate committee. After careful planning and research, a personalised proposal will be made that will best suit your personal needs and circumstances.

    Step 2

    Our qualified and reliable managers will prepare the motion you will need to submit for your next general meeting (EGM – Extraordinary General Meeting) for a vote to change to us. If your current contract has not expired and you would like to switch to us, then we can arrange a meeting to further discuss your options.

    Step 3

    Upon receiving the appropriate books and records from your former manager we will organise a free “Transition to MaGrath Strata Dynamics Management Report” which will act as a template for us and your committee. This report will give you important information about your body corporate, and assist us in understanding and learning about the history of your body corporate. It is our way of ensuring that your shift to us improves your body corporate management knowledge.